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Power Rangers Coming Back With Dinosaurs In 2021 With Ryusoulger, Details Inside

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Source: Ranger Board
Next year, the Power Rangers season can return to the world of dinosaurs.

It is rumoured that the long-running superhero series will adapt the Dish-centered Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger in 2021, after the second season of this year, the Power Rangers Beast Morphers concluded their career. Kiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, or “Knight Dragon Squadron Ryusoulger,” is the 43rd season of Super Sentai, the long-running Japanese series from which Power Rangers takes its concept and fighting material.


It has a team of knights that rely on the power of dinosaurs, as well as giant monsters to fight, such as Mecha (or “jords,” as the Power Rangers name them), as well as a mysterious armoured warrior. What is called Gaisoulg? The series debuted last year and is likely to air its final episode in the coming months.

According to The Illuminerdi, the owner of the Power Rangers, Hasbro, is looking at Ryusoulger to serve as inspiration for his next 2021 season.

The article cites the past success of the franchise with the theme of dinosaurs, which was the inspiration to choose Ryusoulger among a list of previously unexplored Sentai sessions, and suggests that Hasbro is a space-themed Uchu Santi Kynger (or “The Nine Ranger Space Squadron,” approved in the season) is expected to be chosen fanatic due to the overload of the Rangers) and there was concern that Yellow Ranger from Protruing causes a safety risk for vision children.

As mentioned earlier, this would not be the first time Power Rangers portrays the dinosaur as it is.

The first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers featured the Rangers operating the prehistoric Zords in 1993, and the 2004 Dino Thunder and the two-years of Dino Charge of 2015 used dinosaur zords.


Even so, although fans may distrust another dinosaur-based season shortly after Dino Charge, there is no argument that the theme is popular with the target audience of the Power Rangers’ children. Also, stations characterized by prehistoric wildlife are well known, which is another reason for Hasbro to return to the wells by 2021. Next year’s Power Rangers season will likely be confirmed more officially in the coming months, but while Therefore, Fan Power Rangers will be able to tune into the second season of Beast Morphers when he returns to Nickelodeon some time this year.




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If I had to chose between Kyuranger and Rysoulger, I would definitely chose the latter. The suits, in my opinion, are much cooler. Plus the dinosaur theme is always something of a favorite of mine. True Dino Charge was so recent in comparison, but I think Rysoulger is a cool concept to use with the dinosaur motif. The idea of Kyuranger was interesting with the space theme and the sheer amount of rangers on the team, but that seems highly ambitious to me.


Obviously we'll wait and see what happens in the coming months, but I'm definitely excited for the idea of a new dinosaur themed team.

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