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PRU Update 1/10/19

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It's been a busy week. I decided to take the week off to relax a bit and get some stuff done offline. Not a whole lot of important Power Ranger news going on anyways so I took a much needed break. 

Expect to see some more improvements and content soon. I know the look of the forum probably hasn't been to everyones liking but that was never the initial focus. However I will be releasing a new skin pretty soon to hopefully help make some people happy, so keep an eye out.

Some may question whey I brought PRU back as a forum and not stick to social media. Part of the reason why is that a forum allows more focused content that you can't do on social media. RPGs and Fanfics are hard to do with social media for starters. Plus they all look the same in general. They really have no personality. Some may think a forum is old or out of date, but they aren't. You have more functionality and abilities on a forum than you do say Facebook Groups or Instagram. So if you're looking for real talk, focus discussion, forums are the place to be. Power Rangers or anything else. 

That being said, PRU is being worked on to be more than just a forum. If you look around you'll see all of the signs of that. It may be build on the skeleton of PRE for old content and members, but that's where the similarities end.


Power Rangers has had highs and lows. It's had good years and bad years. And with Power Rangers Now shutting down and giving an ominous point of something happening with PR he doesn't agree with being done by Hasbro some are anxious. However I don't yet feel its anything to worry about. Whatever the changes may be, some may like and some may not. But we do need to try and give the benefit of the doubt. 

One thing I will not tolerate are toxic Power Ranger fans. Overly obsessive fans can kill shows and movies with their know it all attitude. They are so passionate about what they like, they become too self absorbed and don't realize their behavior towards others (including those directly associated with the show/movie), is toxic and not beneficial to the fandom or the show. 

Everyone has an opinion, idea, or suggestion. Not everyone will agree. But acting like a jerk. Acting like a know-it-all. Acting like you are owed something, will not be tolerated. It doesn't matter if you have been a fan since day 1 (I have been), or just recently got into the show. Toxic fans will be pushed as far away as possible. They usually do more harm than good for the fandom, regardless of what their self righteousness wants to believe. 

That being said Power Rangers still has a future. What it is or what it looks like I don't know. For now we will focus on making it a better show and fandom for fans of all ages. 

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