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Fixing the Canon starts now


Each new thread that's created is meant to be used to fix that particular topic. 

Some topics don't hold much actual importance and don't affect the canon or the characters outcomes in any meaningful way. This isn't a forum for 'what ifs'. 

An actual problem may be how the end of Dino Charge eliminates the Dinosaurs going extinct. Thus erasing the events of everything prior to Dino Charge including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Could it be fixed with events that took place afterwards in following Power Ranger series and events? 

We want the series to try and take place in this universe as much as possible without trying to use time travel and other cheap ways to fix things as much as possible. And if time travel is used it must be used in the same fashion as it was in Avengers: End Game. 

The main thing is making everything more cohesive and streamlined and easier to follow by fixing issues, filling in holes, etc. as a collective unit the Power Ranger fandom can in general agree on. 

If you have any questions for me post them here. Otherwise start posting questions in this forum. If it's not deemed relevant by people, it will just be closed. Remember, most questions aren't stupid questions. So ask away!

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