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What is Battle for the Multiverse? What exactly is it? So many questions but I'm here with some answers!

Battle for the Multiverse is an ambitious new idea to take Power Rangers Role Playing and incorporate it both offline and online into one cohesive event. Events that have taken place online, must carry over offline. Events that have happened offline must carry over online. 

Online it's done through the RPG section of the site. Offline players would be dressed in their respective cosplay and have real life interactions. This is ideal for comic-cons and other events but also is something that can be done anywhere you please. 

It can be character vs character or team vs team. It goes by how your role plays go.

The main thing to know is that this will be a simplified role play so anyone can join in and play. 

Ranger War will be an all out battle royale. But that will arrive at a later date.  And will be slightly more complex but will be primarily offline with only some online elements. But don't worry about that now. That'll come later.

So what are the rules? They are pretty basic and common sense but here they are.


  • All characters and teams must have names. Obviously. But all Power Ranger characters must all must also have 1 special ability. A team must have a leader. No 2 characters in a team can share the same ability. If they do, one must be modified until they leave the team.
  • If you choose to be a villain or part of a villain alliance the same rules apply as above. 
  • Everything that happens offline must carry online and vice versa. 
  • When meeting offline document the battle through short video clips and/or pictures. 
  • Do not actually harm each other. It's a live action role play. Go crazy, but don't put yourself or anyone else actually in harms way. 
  • When offline you must be in your character cosplay when you are ready for battle.
  • However offline is about more than just battles. It's about character and team growth. You can do other things and have them count towards your role play as long as you are in character! So if you all went to McDonalds afterwards and had fun, call it the castle with the yellow arches and that you were all drinking and being merry in the aftermath of such a hard fought battle. (You get the picture.)
  • Meet ups (time, date, location, etc) will be at the discretion of the teams and people involved. 
  • The teams and characters DO NOT have to be based off existing Power Ranger property. It can be a combination of characters, teams, or something completely original that still follows the same style of existing Power Ranger properties.
  • People or teams that can't participate at any given time can choose to be written out as defeated, leave the team on their own free will, be temporarily unavailable, or be killed off completely. If that person or team came back after being killed off however they would all need new identities and a new team.
  • Each team must have their own theme music.


Battle for the Multiverse is the online and offline battle between Power Ranger and Power Ranger teams. The Battle for the Multiverse is the battle to see who will reign supreme over the Power Ranger multiverse.  To incorporate an online Role Play element with an offline role play element and to have them stream between the 2.

As teams and people become more active, certain situations may arise that would require rule modifications or changes. Everyone would be made aware of them immediately. When they would take effect is subjective depending on the importance.  

If you have any questions feel free to post them. I'll respond as soon as I can. I'm sure some of you have questions and it's possible I missed something or didn't think of something that will need to be addressed. So have at it!

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