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The Power Rangers Formula

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It's not so much a formula as it is what gets people hyped for Power Rangers. What are the ingredients needed for a successful Power Ranger series or movie? It's fairly simple honestly. 

  • Energetic rock/pop style music. MMPR, Lost Galaxy, S.P.D., Dino Thunder, to name a few are good examples.

    From the very first time the intro played, to the morph, or when they were about to win a battle, you know when the theme hits, things are about to get awesome. But also because of the fast paced and hard hitting energetic music it also gets the adrenaline and excitement going. It's a requirement for all good Power Ranger movies and series. It needs to be memorable of course too and stick in your brain long after it's done playing.
  • Action. Like the music it needs to be fast, frantic, and downright crazy. All good Power Ranger fights match the music in terms of energy and style. So when the music hits, the action is just as much over the top. 
  • Characters. They need to look like a fairly average teenager (or adult). Almost to a stereotypical point. The nerd. The jock. The stuck up. The shy one. etc. Each character needs a different personality that clashes with the others, but is also endearing enough when they need to fight together and learn to be a team, those personality differences work as a complement to each other. 
  • The Team. Since the beginning 5-6 Rangers have been the norm right out of the gate. But the seasons like Dino Thunder that only started with 3 then worked its way up to 5 are generally remembered amongst the fandom as the best seasons. Mainly because having fewer characters at first make them immediate underdogs, but also allowed character and story growth for each character and the ones that followed. 

    There will always be debate on how to balance a team with males and females. I don't think there is a perfect formula. Having it 50/50 can seem too forced and not as natural. Males will mainly be seen as the power of the team while the females will be seen as the speed and agility of the team. So they do balance each other out. 

    Power Rangers is based off Sentai seasons so it's limited to what it can do for the series. But when it comes to the movies, it's got more flexibility. And I think the movies should start with a 3 person team like Dino Thunder did. Then work their way up.
  • Location. This is a tough one. How do you fight in a city, destroy countless buildings and property, and not have backlash? What about all of the deaths you know happened? I think the best way to turn this around is to have the cities be last resort. Start the fights in rural areas. But if the monster starts going towards the city, the Power Rangers know the destruction and death that could follow so they get more frantic to keep the battle out of the city. 

    If the battle gets in the city they try and limit the fight to lesser populated areas. But using the city as a last resort or by having no choice, it would add a needed sense of urgency to battles.
  • Bad Guys. All of the above is great. But the bad guys are just as important. Mesogog. Lord Zedd, Astronema. Even Rita Repulsa initially were all seen as actual and grave threats to Earth and the Power Rangers. They are dark. Brooding. Menacing. And very serious about the harm they want to do. They need their own ominous theme that you know things are about to get ugly. And they need strong personalities. 

    When it comes to the minions they need to be variable with their personalities to show there are cracks in the bad guys armor.


The future of Power Rangers. 

Hasbro now owns the Power Rangers. But if I were them I would do my best to take the largely separate seasons and turn them into a shared universe in future seasons and movies. Similar to how the Team Ups have been, but with more frequency. 

Share story lines from previous seasons in existing ones through reference. Some of it has been done already. But mainly only to tie the team ups together. 

Dino Charge could reference MMPR or Dino Thunder characters or events. Beast Morphers could tie into Jungle Furys characters and events. They are all separate teams and events but are all still tied together. The possibilities are limitless as long as they make the references feel natural and not forced.

Another possibility is to keep the seasons separate but use the movies to tie them all together into a massive Power Ranger shared universe. Where they could still do things a bit differently while still referencing characters and events from the shows in natural ways. 

The formula to Power Rangers success is pretty simple. Energetic memorable rock/pop music with fast paced action and memorable characters. If you do it right, you will have an awesome series or movie that appeals to both kids and adults. 

Hasbro, take notice. 

Side note. I'm also a fan of a potential Power Rangers cartoon if done right. It would open more doors and flexibility with characters and with the series. 

What are your thoughts?


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