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Power Rangers Oversized Pins Released By Lineage Studios

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It’s Morphin Time (again!) at Lineage Studios!

The consumer goods company who focuses on creating collectible products for your favorite brands is tapping back into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for their brand new line of Over-Sized pins!

Each Over-Sized pin models the design of the company’s previously released Portrait pin collection, which features select Power Rangers characters, their upper torso, and primary weapon.

Although the Over-Sized pins will model the style of Lineage Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Portrait pins, the final product will be even bigger, fitting for the line’s first two releases: the original Megazord (seen above) and Dragonzord (seen below).

As of January 2020, the Tigerzord will also join the collection (seen below)!

Click to view slideshow.

These three Megazords will join Lineage Studios’ previous releases of Lord Zedd, the Ranger Slayer, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and more into the company’s quickly expanding Power Rangers pin collection.

All three Megazord pins can be ordered now on Lineage Studios’ website. Click here to order!

Each pin retails at $20.

The pins will come with a chain link that gives buyers the option to attach the character’s primary weapon to the torso. The chain link can be removed allowing the pieces to be displayed separately.

Each pin will come made out of hard enamel, with a 3/4 portrait size of each character.

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