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Story: 5 teens get a invite to a new school. A wizard school where they learn witch crafet and wizardry. But these teens then are wanted by the professor and learns that these teens can stop the dark evil forces coming. these teens must get good grades and save the world from the evils coming. But can they do those things and become master wizards and what screats luck during there years there? Find out



Power Rangers



Red Wizard (girl): (Hold for SPD pink)



Black Wizard (boy): Darkness777



Blue Wizard (girl): (Hold for watergirl)



Green Wizard (boy):



Pink Wizard (girl):



(Blue's pet frog): Halifax Queen






Professor Nick: (From power rangers mystic force as a grown up)



Teachers: (Will be annouced later) Halifax Queen






Scowl: Darkness777



The Evil: Darkness777



(Have fun)



Name: Valin tykes






Age: 15



Weapon: Black Staff, sword, black blaster



Bio: Valin didn't have any friends or family while growing up so one day,he got a invite to a school for wizards. He went inside and then met new friends but the red ranger was his first friend there. He can also talk to animals but no one can hear the animals talk to him. He wonders about the frog but it feels like he's good friends with the frog. But Valin likes the red ranger. Valin is happy he has good friends and is now the black ranger thanks to professor Nick. He is nice and kind to all of his friends and the frog too.



Ranger: Black



(I will make my bio later but need these to join. Thanks)

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can you save me a spot for blure Ill have a bio on friday Im going to be in class the reast of the week (Blue's pet frog is the next ranger and is a girl so you can play her) if this means this can be a girl

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I'll hold blue for you watergirl and I will make her a girl.



and The frog and one of the teachers are givin to hafiax queen



since we talked.

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Name: Angel Wallace



Gender: Female



Ranger Designation: frog for the blue ranger / purple ranger later on



Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Hermione_granger.jpg



Age: 11



Weapon: magical book, wand, bow and arrows



Bio: Angel Wallace is a friend to the blue ranger as a frog, and later on she will be the Purple Mighty Morphin Power Wizards. She was one of the girls that attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is brave and loyal and has a fierce political conscience. Her intellect is strongest in memory and objective analysis, and she sometimes has difficulty when forced to make snap judgments. Although compassionate, she can be na?ve and even insensitive when dealing with people, despite her position as the "sensitive one" in the Mighty Morphin Power Wizards Team. She shows "a complete lack of understanding of how she affects other people". She tries to be the best at everything that is doing for the Mighty Morphin Power Wizards Team. Now as for her to being the Purple Mighty Morphin Power Wizards, you will have to see how she does when the right time come. ( I will update this later when she become the Purple Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.)



To Darkness777: I am still working on the other one and I will post it up tomorrow.

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Name: Naomi Russell



Gender: Female



Ranger Designation: Pink



Appearance: Madison.png



Age: 16



Weapon: Pink Wand, Pink Staff (looks like the Legend staff from Mystic Force) & Pink Blaster



History: Naomi is the daughter of Nick Russell Madison Rocca. She grew up around magic, so she knows what she is doing. She looks just like her mom. Naomi has her own camera and loves to film things, she also loves to work on motorcycles, thanks to her dad. When she first arrived at the school everyone immediatly welcomed her. She also know known as "The Light". She has the same head-strong attitude as her Aunt Vida. Naomi is already experienced at riding a broom and she is on the school Quiddich team.

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