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  1. Name: Naomi Russell Gender: Female Ranger Designation: Pink Appearance: Age: 16 Weapon: Pink Wand, Pink Staff (looks like the Legend staff from Mystic Force) & Pink Blaster History: Naomi is the daughter of Nick Russell Madison Rocca. She grew up around magic, so she knows what she is doing. She looks just like her mom. Naomi has her own camera and loves to film things, she also loves to work on motorcycles, thanks to her dad. When she first arrived at the school everyone immediatly welcomed her. She also know known as "The Light". She has the same head-strong attitude as her Aunt Vida. Naomi is already experienced at riding a broom and she is on the school Quiddich team.
  2. Maddie sighed as she looked at Nick "Looks like this will have to wait" She looked at Nick "We should hurry"
  3. Kim had come early so she could see Alpha, she arrived outside of the power chamber as she got out and smiled "It's good to be back" She walked in and looked around "Alpha?" Kat was on a plan heading back to town for the reunion, she couldn't wait to see everyone and see how they were doing, she especially couldn't wait to see Jason.
  4. Kim sat there as she looked at the Gem "You'd have to ask tommy that one" she smiled as she then looked up to see the white light "It can't be" She stood up as she just stared at the white light.
  5. Could you hold Pink and I'll post a bio very soon.
  6. Kayla sighed "Why did I bother to come here" She turned and headed back home "I come and no one answers"
  7. Ashley looked at Karone as she walked over to her and powered down "Kendrix gave them to you because she know's you have what it takes to be a ranger, you can't quit just because those creeps came back"
  8. Maya looked at Kendrix "Your not going anywhere" She grabbed her "Your stuck with us" She smiled.
  9. "Thanks" She looked at Adam as they were inside "This place is cool" She looked around.
  10. "Ok" She looked at him as she then went to the scene "Darkon" She looked at him "You've returned. Why?"
  11. "Then just stay there and don't move" She looked to Angel and back to the Tyrannadrones as she fought them off.
  12. "No!" She watched Zeltrax leave as she ran over to Angel and fought off the Tyrannadrones "Come on Angel, we need you now" She kept them from hurting Angel.
  13. Kim gets knocked back as she got up "Angel no!" She then looked to Zeltrax "Where is Tommy?"
  14. Kikyo looks at Chip "And he's becoming a fine knight indeed" She smiled and then looked to Udonna "What is it?" She followed her back into Rootcore and looked at the crystal "No, you call them, I'll go and distract them until help arrives"
  15. Kim looks at Jason "Help Angel" She went over to Zeltrax "Hey Freak boy" She smirked "I suggest you leave now!" She kicked him as she flipped infront of him "There's nothing here for you"
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