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  1. Power Rangers Beast Morphers is about ready to air its second season later this month and now they’ve released a brief trailer. Fans will notice some new toys including a new bow, a new Zord, and a new Megazord to name a few. I know I’m really excited to see how this next season plays out after the finale of the first season. I’m also ridiculously and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the team-up episode that will bring Austin St. John back. Power Rangers Beast Morphers season 2 will premiere on February 22 on Nickelodeon. https://geektyrant.com/news/get-a-sneak-peek-at-power-rangers-beast-morphers-season-2
  2. Power Rangers Unworthy: Episode 3
  3. Power Rangers Beast Morphers will return! While the first season just wrapped up there's still more story to tell! The 27th season of Power Rangers will be the second season Power Rangers Beast Morphers and it's airing on Nickelodeon in 2020! Beast Morphers will continue to adapt footage from the Japanese Super Sentai series Go-Busters. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Return Date Power Rangers Beast Morphers' finally has a return date! Thanks to the Futon Critic we've learned the series will return on February 22, 2020! We've got a title for the upcoming episode here. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 1 "Believe It Or Not" Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cast Huge news out of SDCC 2019 was that Austin St. John, the original Red Ranger (Jason Lee Scott), is set to appear in Power Rangers Beast Morphers season two! Scroll down to check out a teaser featuring the legend. Rorrie Travis stars as the Red Ranger (Devon), Jasmeet Baduwalia as the Blue Ranger (Ravi), and Jackie Scislowski as the Yellow Ranger (Zoey). Colby Strong also stars Blaze, Liana Ramirez as Roxy, Abraham Rodriguez as Nate, Kristina Ho as Betty, and Cosme Flores as Ben. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Trailer At SDCC 2019 we got a trailer for the second half of the first season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. However at the end we got a few shots from the second season including the new Beast-X mode, new zords, and the return of Rangers from Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge! So far we've only seen Jason out of suit. You can watch that trailer below. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episodes Below you can find all the episodes we know about for Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2, including upcoming airdates! Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 1 "Believe It Or Not" Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 2 "Save Our Shores" Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Story We don't have an official synopsis of the season yet but the trailer above does let us know that all of the previous Dinosaur themed teams will be showing up in the season. For what reason we don't know yet! We also know that Evox has infected Devon's dad and Roxy and Blaze have been freed from their comas. What will happen with them remains to be seen! https://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/power-rangers/284916/power-rangers-beast-morphers-season-2-release-date-and-news
  4. Just one day after announcing that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 will lead to the shattering of reality and probably the end of life as we know it throughout the universe, explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has revealed it will cancel a different Power Rangers title, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers, with April’s Go Go Power Rangers #32 to be the final issue. BOOM! made the announcement via media partner Comic Book Resources in an EX-X-XCLUSIVE so important, the website took time out of its busy schedule of publishing listicles about f**king the Hulk in order to post it. The news surely comes as a shock to the Power Rangers’ hardcore fandom, a group known colloquially by the term “Powerbronies.” However, presuming our fragile existence does manager to survive the reality-shattering revelations of Power Rangers #50, it’s entirely possible BOOM! will launch another Power Rangers title before too long. If they didn’t, then what would Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crossover with next year? Check out the synopsis and covers for Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #32, by Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace, Francesco Mortarino, Simona Di Gianfelice, Raúl Angulo, and Ed Dukeshire, below. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2020/01/22/boom-to-cancel-power-rangers-comic-in-april/
  5. Source: Ranger Board Next year, the Power Rangers season can return to the world of dinosaurs. It is rumoured that the long-running superhero series will adapt the Dish-centered Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger in 2021, after the second season of this year, the Power Rangers Beast Morphers concluded their career. Kiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, or “Knight Dragon Squadron Ryusoulger,” is the 43rd season of Super Sentai, the long-running Japanese series from which Power Rangers takes its concept and fighting material. It has a team of knights that rely on the power of dinosaurs, as well as giant monsters to fight, such as Mecha (or “jords,” as the Power Rangers name them), as well as a mysterious armoured warrior. What is called Gaisoulg? The series debuted last year and is likely to air its final episode in the coming months. According to The Illuminerdi, the owner of the Power Rangers, Hasbro, is looking at Ryusoulger to serve as inspiration for his next 2021 season. The article cites the past success of the franchise with the theme of dinosaurs, which was the inspiration to choose Ryusoulger among a list of previously unexplored Sentai sessions, and suggests that Hasbro is a space-themed Uchu Santi Kynger (or “The Nine Ranger Space Squadron,” approved in the season) is expected to be chosen fanatic due to the overload of the Rangers) and there was concern that Yellow Ranger from Protruing causes a safety risk for vision children. As mentioned earlier, this would not be the first time Power Rangers portrays the dinosaur as it is. The first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers featured the Rangers operating the prehistoric Zords in 1993, and the 2004 Dino Thunder and the two-years of Dino Charge of 2015 used dinosaur zords. Even so, although fans may distrust another dinosaur-based season shortly after Dino Charge, there is no argument that the theme is popular with the target audience of the Power Rangers’ children. Also, stations characterized by prehistoric wildlife are well known, which is another reason for Hasbro to return to the wells by 2021. Next year’s Power Rangers season will likely be confirmed more officially in the coming months, but while Therefore, Fan Power Rangers will be able to tune into the second season of Beast Morphers when he returns to Nickelodeon some time this year. https://thedigitalweekly.com/2020/01/09/power-rangers-coming-back-with-dinosaurs-in-2021-with-ryusoulger-details-inside/
  6. It's Morphin Time! Watch your favorite superheroes morph into action through 26 years of Power Rangers.   This video features every Power Rangers Team Morphs from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Neo-Saban Seasons (Samurai, Megaforce, Dino Charge, and Ninja Steel) are also featured.
  7. It's been a busy week. I decided to take the week off to relax a bit and get some stuff done offline. Not a whole lot of important Power Ranger news going on anyways so I took a much needed break. Expect to see some more improvements and content soon. I know the look of the forum probably hasn't been to everyones liking but that was never the initial focus. However I will be releasing a new skin pretty soon to hopefully help make some people happy, so keep an eye out. Some may question whey I brought PRU back as a forum and not stick to social media. Part of the reason why is that a forum allows more focused content that you can't do on social media. RPGs and Fanfics are hard to do with social media for starters. Plus they all look the same in general. They really have no personality. Some may think a forum is old or out of date, but they aren't. You have more functionality and abilities on a forum than you do say Facebook Groups or Instagram. So if you're looking for real talk, focus discussion, forums are the place to be. Power Rangers or anything else. That being said, PRU is being worked on to be more than just a forum. If you look around you'll see all of the signs of that. It may be build on the skeleton of PRE for old content and members, but that's where the similarities end. Power Rangers has had highs and lows. It's had good years and bad years. And with Power Rangers Now shutting down and giving an ominous point of something happening with PR he doesn't agree with being done by Hasbro some are anxious. However I don't yet feel its anything to worry about. Whatever the changes may be, some may like and some may not. But we do need to try and give the benefit of the doubt. One thing I will not tolerate are toxic Power Ranger fans. Overly obsessive fans can kill shows and movies with their know it all attitude. They are so passionate about what they like, they become too self absorbed and don't realize their behavior towards others (including those directly associated with the show/movie), is toxic and not beneficial to the fandom or the show. Everyone has an opinion, idea, or suggestion. Not everyone will agree. But acting like a jerk. Acting like a know-it-all. Acting like you are owed something, will not be tolerated. It doesn't matter if you have been a fan since day 1 (I have been), or just recently got into the show. Toxic fans will be pushed as far away as possible. They usually do more harm than good for the fandom, regardless of what their self righteousness wants to believe. That being said Power Rangers still has a future. What it is or what it looks like I don't know. For now we will focus on making it a better show and fandom for fans of all ages.
  8. At the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 we got to see an awesome Green Ranger Shredder. Now, BOOM! Studios is giving us a better look at the evil-looking super bad guy. He looks so awesome! I really want them to bring him to Battle for the Grid and also give him a Lightning Collection figure. I would buy it in a heartbeat! MMPR/TMNT #3 is written by Ryan Parrott with art by Simone di Meo, colors by Walter Baiamonte, and letters by Ed Dukeshire. I’m really excited that we’ll get to see him more in MMPR/TMNT #3 which will be available on February 5. https://geektyrant.com/news/heres-a-better-look-at-green-ranger-shredder-from-mighty-morphin-power-rangersteenage-mutant-ninja-turtles
  9. It's Morphin Time! Watch your favorite superheroes morph into action through 26 years of Power Rangers. Subscribe for More Power Rangers: http://www.youtube.com/powerrangersofficial?sub_confirmation=1 This video features every Power Rangers Team Morphs from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Neo-Saban Seasons (Samurai, Megaforce, Dino Charge, and Ninja Steel) are also featured. Shop for Power Rangers here: http://www.powerrangers.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/powerrangers Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/powerrangers Twitter: http://twitter.com/PowerRangers Watch every season of POWER RANGERS now streaming on NETFLIX #PowerRangers #GoGoPowerRangers #Hasbro
  10. Crimson Vision Studios is proud to present the official trailer for "Power Rangers: First Ninja" Part II! We follow the story of the elementals as they become the ...
  11. SYNOPSIS: Brody Romero, the Ninja Steel Red Power Ranger, must travel the galaxy to learn from past ninjas. After he successfully finds the legendary Ninjor, ...
  12. I'm open for suggestions. Remember to try and not use time travel or an alternate dimension as an excuse or reason unless there is no other way. Remember that doing so can create other plot holes and continuity and canon problems.
  13. Each new thread that's created is meant to be used to fix that particular topic. Some topics don't hold much actual importance and don't affect the canon or the characters outcomes in any meaningful way. This isn't a forum for 'what ifs'. An actual problem may be how the end of Dino Charge eliminates the Dinosaurs going extinct. Thus erasing the events of everything prior to Dino Charge including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Could it be fixed with events that took place afterwards in following Power Ranger series and events? We want the series to try and take place in this universe as much as possible without trying to use time travel and other cheap ways to fix things as much as possible. And if time travel is used it must be used in the same fashion as it was in Avengers: End Game. The main thing is making everything more cohesive and streamlined and easier to follow by fixing issues, filling in holes, etc. as a collective unit the Power Ranger fandom can in general agree on. If you have any questions for me post them here. Otherwise start posting questions in this forum. If it's not deemed relevant by people, it will just be closed. Remember, most questions aren't stupid questions. So ask away!
  14. What is Battle for the Multiverse? What exactly is it? So many questions but I'm here with some answers! Battle for the Multiverse is an ambitious new idea to take Power Rangers Role Playing and incorporate it both offline and online into one cohesive event. Events that have taken place online, must carry over offline. Events that have happened offline must carry over online. Online it's done through the RPG section of the site. Offline players would be dressed in their respective cosplay and have real life interactions. This is ideal for comic-cons and other events but also is something that can be done anywhere you please. It can be character vs character or team vs team. It goes by how your role plays go. The main thing to know is that this will be a simplified role play so anyone can join in and play. Ranger War will be an all out battle royale. But that will arrive at a later date. And will be slightly more complex but will be primarily offline with only some online elements. But don't worry about that now. That'll come later. So what are the rules? They are pretty basic and common sense but here they are. All characters and teams must have names. Obviously. But all Power Ranger characters must all must also have 1 special ability. A team must have a leader. No 2 characters in a team can share the same ability. If they do, one must be modified until they leave the team. If you choose to be a villain or part of a villain alliance the same rules apply as above. Everything that happens offline must carry online and vice versa. When meeting offline document the battle through short video clips and/or pictures. Do not actually harm each other. It's a live action role play. Go crazy, but don't put yourself or anyone else actually in harms way. When offline you must be in your character cosplay when you are ready for battle. However offline is about more than just battles. It's about character and team growth. You can do other things and have them count towards your role play as long as you are in character! So if you all went to McDonalds afterwards and had fun, call it the castle with the yellow arches and that you were all drinking and being merry in the aftermath of such a hard fought battle. (You get the picture.) Meet ups (time, date, location, etc) will be at the discretion of the teams and people involved. The teams and characters DO NOT have to be based off existing Power Ranger property. It can be a combination of characters, teams, or something completely original that still follows the same style of existing Power Ranger properties. People or teams that can't participate at any given time can choose to be written out as defeated, leave the team on their own free will, be temporarily unavailable, or be killed off completely. If that person or team came back after being killed off however they would all need new identities and a new team. Each team must have their own theme music. Battle for the Multiverse is the online and offline battle between Power Ranger and Power Ranger teams. The Battle for the Multiverse is the battle to see who will reign supreme over the Power Ranger multiverse. To incorporate an online Role Play element with an offline role play element and to have them stream between the 2. As teams and people become more active, certain situations may arise that would require rule modifications or changes. Everyone would be made aware of them immediately. When they would take effect is subjective depending on the importance. If you have any questions feel free to post them. I'll respond as soon as I can. I'm sure some of you have questions and it's possible I missed something or didn't think of something that will need to be addressed. So have at it!
  15. https://www.dailycal.org/2019/12/30/a-look-into-the-newest-mighty-morphin-power-rangers-issue-necessary-evil/ Grade: 4.0/5.0 The “Power Rangers” franchise was an unforgettable peak in the childhood of many fans from the ’90s and ’00s with its collectible action figures, rockin’ theme songs and countless spinoffs. The renowned wave of superheroes started with the legendary “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” TV series from the mid-’90s. This show was based on the Japanese TV series “Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger” and set up the American TV landscape for 26 years of “Power Rangers” programming. Not getting left out of the common superhero markets, the series has been closely reproduced by various comic book studios over the last few decades, such as Marvel Comics back in 1995. BOOM! Studios currently has the helm. BOOM! Studios, located in Los Angeles and owned by the Walt Disney Company, has been publishing American comic books and graphic novels since 2005. The first issue of its 2016 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series sold about an astounding 100,000 copies. Inspired by the original series, except set in the modern day, the story continues with the newest issue and 46th installment, “Necessary Evil.” After the defeat of Zedd and Rita, the rangers are left deliberating whether to continue their superhero adventures or to return to normal lifestyles. This dilemma is all scattered into confusion when the new Omega Rangers are betrayed by one of their own, however. One of the more pivotal elements of a successful comic book is how the layout and design cater to a smooth dialogue, emphasizing the correct actions and guiding angles for readers’ eyes. “Necessary Evil” achieves and exceeds this standard, bringing in visually stunning scenes that flow from one image to the next rather than leaving readers confused or having to constantly backtrack. The only reason one might stop would be to admire and indulge in the detailed illustrations by Daniele Di Nicuolo that bring these characters’ personalities to life. Throughout the book, Di Nicuolo’s artistic style and panache serve the narrative well, bringing forth flourishing complements of humor and action. When single frames are the only chance to communicate an entire message, Di Nicuolo captures these moments skillfully, especially in the characters’ facial expressions and demeanors. Accompanying the illustrations are polished and vibrant colors, rendered by Walter Baiamonte and Katia Ranalli, that blend and change frequently from page to page, keeping readers undistracted and in tune with the progression of the narrative. The story, written by Ryan Parrott, doesn’t waste time, moving as fast as a Marvel film and pacing itself on the edge of exuberance. It’s a perfect tonal match to the way “Power Rangers” is usually framed, but what’s added is the extra attention put on romantic relationships between the rangers. Some audiences might prefer keeping the original color and innocence of “Power Rangers,” where the story is just Zords killing bad guys, but others might appreciate these new attributes since they seem to be done in a mostly tasteful fashion. For those who have invariably wished for a continuation of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” show, this comic could satisfy. It brings forth other dimensions and twists in the plotline that breed enough interest to follow, keeping close to the heart of “Power Rangers” while opening gateways for a modern take appealing to younger generations. Hopefully, this ongoing remake will be able to serve older fans while simultaneously creating new ones. “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #46” is an action-packed adventure for those who want a whiff of nostalgia, as well as for the next generation of kids or other newcomers to experience the world of “Power Rangers.” Contact Cameron Opartkiettikul at copartkiettikul@dailycal.org.
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